Paul O'Driscoll

paul odriscoll Paul is a double bass player who has crossed many genres in his musical journey. Paddy met up with him and Anthony during the days of sessions in Galway City.

Living not too far from Shanaglish, during the recording of this record, Paul was able to travel down from Kinvara to join in. His great musical ability and guidance through the sessions was maintained with a can-do attitude and great charisma.

On some of the tracks here, you can hear his solid backing along with Anthony on the guitar. On the vinyl record you can hear him sing while playing the double bass, on Irving Berlin's song "Blue Skies".

Paul performs on the following CD tracks: The Castlebar Traveller / The Caucus Reel, Mexican Waltz, The Blue River Waltz, and Cooley's Set.

On the vinyl and digital downloads, along with Blue Skies, he performs on: Cailleach an Airgid, Oklahoma Hills, The Earl's Chair / The Bucks of Oranmore, Working on the Railroad, Cooley's.

For more information on Paul's creativity up in Kinvara, you can visit his brand new website at:

(if you chance to meet Paul, you might hear some more information about Willie Nelson too!)