Joe Kearney

Joe is a local of Shanaglish, is from Gortavoher to be exact, and has been coming to Whelan's pub for years. He attends the singing session there every month, with Mary and Brian. He has been known for his great way of storytelling in around Shanaglish and beyond.

There are a few recordings made of his unique accent, he has been noted by Vincey and Paddy as being one of the main influences behind this project. The yarn story is an old tradition in Ireland which is rarely to be found these days, and especially the way in which it is told by Joe, with such colour and flavour.

One of these yarns, track number five on the CD, shows off his skill at telling the story of "The Sugar Bowl". The transcriptions booklet contains a transcription for this story, as the speed and turn of phrase that Joe tells it with might sometimes be difficult to follow by ear! Also contained in the transcriptions booklet is the story of "Tadhg Beag", one of Joe's own stories. These stories are the special treats on Nights in Shanaglish, some rare colourful yarns, spun with a unique voice and great humour.