Colie Moran

colie moran nights in shanaglishColie is local in the town of Gort, and regularly plays music there throughout the year. He has a great range of influences in his playing. Whether on guitar, or on banjo, he displays a great knowledge and skill whenever he performs.

Colie is a great friend of Vincey's. They know one another from The Highway Inn in Crusheen, county Clare, which was a "great spot" for Irish music in the 70's when they were in their teens. Playing at sessions in Whelan's of Shanaglish goes back a long way for both of them too, as every year that Vincey would arrive home, he would call up his old friend.

Colie can be heard playing banjo on both the CD and the vinyl record. The set of reels named "The Cooley Set", got it's name as we remembered one of the greats in Irish music from the area, Joe Cooley. Below is a sample of another set that he plays on, "The Earls Chair / The Bucks of Oranmore", two great reels which have been central to the great sessions in Whelan's over the years.

(On a side note, for those who have been previously warned about it, no hungry reels a.k.a. the "squeezebox" reel... were mentioned in the arranging of this set!)