Brendan Hearty

Brendan is well known throughout the Irish music scene, turns out when they met in Shanaglish, Anthony had already known Brendan from years previous in Galway. When Vincey and Paddy were planning to contact some sound engineers, this man came to mind immediately.

Throughout the recording sessions, Brendan was there working on capturing the scene with us. As people were moving in and out of the recording space, he kept a good ear and eye on proceedings. It wasn't long before we knew that there was no doubt but Brendan was definitely the man for the job.

At one point on the last night of recording, in late June 2012, the atmosphere was so great that we were getting take after take of quality material, the buzz in the room was electric! Then, as if it couldn't get any better, up steps Brendan from the controls of the mixing desk, and takes out his mandolin to back Niall on "The Chamber". The quality of his backing shone through, and he was requested to stay and do one of his own. He called on some of the musicians to come and back him up. What followed was his own song, "Mongrel Dogs"...