Anthony McGrath

anthony mcgrath nights in shanaglish Originally from Inishowen, Donegal (though it has been mentioned on the DVD that he is an Armagh man!), Anthony has been living in the Galway area for many years while playing guitar. His brother Keith is a local in the area, and lucky enough they were both about when the recording was being made.

Anthony met Paddy in Galway back in 2007, when Paddy was doing some research on musicians in the city. Since then they have played manys the session together.

Anthony also knew Paul from those sessions in Tigh Neachtain, and so they were a good fit for this production. With spanish guitar and double bass, we knew that something groovy was meant to happen :-) Teaming up with Vincey, Colie, Susan and a bunch of other performers on the "Cooleys Set" was no problem to him.

During the recording session in June 2012, the fun was good, and the songs were coming out from the most unexpected places. Paddy remembered some of Anthony's rare singing moments from the research days in Galway, and proposed that he start up one of his own. What followed was a song as much suited to Johnny Cash as it is to Anthony - Delia's Gone...